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Bothell - SR 522 Crossroads and SR 527 Multiway Boulevard

Client: City of Bothell Public Works Department

In 2006, State Routes 522 and 527 were typical arterial “strips” within downtown Bothell, WA. Following on strategic recommendations from the Downtown Subarea Plan & Regulations prepared by FTS, SR 522’s downtown segment was realigned (based on a previous citizen initiative) to simplify its intersection with Bothell Way (formerly SR 527), create new city blocks for development, and add safe pedestrian crossings. Within Downtown, Bothell Way will be restructured as a multiway boulevard to enable ground floor retail with offices and residences above to front onto pedestrian-friendly side lanes with parking and generous sidewalks. Both designs incorporate sustainable drainage and LED streetlighting as well as special landmark features and streetscape furnishings.

The multiway boulevard segment of Bothell Way will unify historic blocks on the east with new infill developments on the west.


Bothell Way’s existing lanes, no parking and narrow sidewalks did not fit the pedestrian-oriented vision for downtown.

  • Peak-hour traffic congestion on SR 522 was projected to reach unacceptable levels within the decade.
  • Too-few crosswalks and too-wide road width on SR 522 had cut off downtown from its riverfront.
  • A strip-like Bothell Way would divide downtown’s future east and west sides and weaken revitalization.


  • Develop streetscape treatments for SR 522 incorporating boulevard street trees and LED streetlighting, widened sidewalks and planter strips, and a crossroads gateway treatment at the SR 522/Bothell Way intersection.
  • Design Bothell Way (former SR 527) as a multiway boulevard with rain gardens in side medians, pervious paver side lanes, gateway treatments, thematic furnishings, and wide sidewalks.


Major construction completed; Phase 2 of Multiway Boulevard anticipated

  • Plans were reviewed and approved by focus groups, community workshops, City Council, and WSDOT.
  • Construction of the SR-522 realignment and streetscape improvements and Phase 1 (west side) of the multiway boulevard configuration on Bothell Way (formerly SR-527) within downtown were completed in 2014.
  • SR-522 has been recognized with a Greenroads Silver Certification, the first highway ever to earn this level of sustainability rating.
  • Major new multi-story boulevard buildings are in process or have been completed along Bothell Way in downtown, including housing with ground floor retail (Six Oaks Apartments, Amaro Bistro), lodging/entertainment (McMenamins Anderson School) and retail uses.
  • Funding of the east side of Bothell Way's multiway boulevard configuration (Phase 2) is in development.

In collaboration with:

Perteet Inc. (prime consultant), PB, Jacobs Macdonald: Cityworks, Hough Beck & Baird, Horton Lees Brogden, HWA Geosciences Inc.