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Bothell - Downtown Revitalization Plan & Code Update

Client: City of Bothell Community Development Department

Developed through an extensive community workshop process, the Downtown Subarea Plan is guiding the revitalization of downtown by realigning State Route 522's commute congestion and transforming downtown's segment of Bothell Way (formerly State Route 527) into a "Grand Boulevard," thereby 1) Creating visible and appealing addresses for walkable infill development on vacant west-side parcels and elsewhere in downtown; 2) Connecting them to historic main street shops; 3) Drawing in Bothell's nearby university and workplace district populations; 4) Building a "captive audience" for retail and services with new downtown residences and workplaces; and 5) Improving linkages to adjacent neighborhoods and an extensive open space network.

THE VISION: An illustrative plan of the envisioned future downtown district.


Entrance to Main Street as seen from strip-like State Route 522 in 2009.

  • Conventional "strip" corridor development on State Route 522 cuts off Bothell’s downtown Main Street from Bothell Landing, the City’s main Civic Open Space.
  • Main Street lacks visibility and connection to potential customers on adjacent State Routes 522 and 527.
  • Significant infill development opportunities at former school district parcels on downtown's west side, but divided by State Route 527 from the existing Main Street core.
  • Growing University of Washington and Cascadia College populations lack a campustown.


  • Make Downtown more visible.
  • Master plan the surplused west side school lands for downtown mixed-use development.
  • Connect Main Street to the Park at Bothell Landing, new west side opportunity sites, and the City’s open space network.
  • Connect Downtown to the University of Washington/Cascadia College campus.
  • Ensure that the scale and character of new development will complement the historic fabric of downtown and surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Define development parameters for a clear and reliable approvals process.




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