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Cathedral City - Downtown Revitalization Program and Precise Plan

Client: City of Cathedral City

A new city center for the Cathedral City community to be developed on the site of the historic downtown district is at the heart of this plan to bring back value and cache to this severely disinvested commercial strip. The master plan orchestrates public and private investment with coordinated development standards and focused capital improvement designs to reorganize the corridor into a mixed use "grand boulevard" with a city center district as its focus.

Aerial view of the envisioned downtown and Palm Canyon Drive master plan with town square, City Hall, boulevard and bell tower.


Palm Canyon Drive prior to redevelopment. The wide arterial street did not support existing businesses.

  • Cathedral City lacked an active downtown and gathering place for the community.
  • The City’s historic downtown, located on Palm Canyon Drive, had become an auto-oriented strip with an unattractive appearance that was a barrier to new investment.
  • The corridor had no anchors to draw visitors.


  • Study alternatives and recommend a new site for the downtown and civic center.
  • Develop a strategy for a district anchored by civic and entertainment uses centered on a public square with a new city hall facility and a cinema complex.
  • Recommend capital improvements to support new uses and attract investment.
  • Develop design controls to shape new development and strengthen local character.


Adopted 1993; led to Palm Canyon Drive Streetscape Reconstruction

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