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Huntington Beach - Beach Boulevard and Edinger Avenue Corridors Specific Plan

Client: City of Huntington Beach Planning Department

As State Route 39 and the major access route from I-405 to the beach and downtown in Huntington Beach, Beach Boulevard is a wide, high volume corridor and the City’s main commercial route.  Despite the importance of this corridor to the function and image of the City, it is visually unappealing and in a state of economic transition.  With significant City and Community involvement, FTS prepared the Beach & Edinger Corridors Specific Plan.  The Plan is assisting the community to more effectively attract investment that will improve the image of this central spine.  The Specific Plan document 1) describes the overall vision for the future corridors and identifies key opportunities for revitalization; 2) establishes form-based land use and development standards to replace pre-existing zoning regulations; and 3) outlines a program of capital improvements to influence the use and appearance of the public right-of-way.

A perspective rendering of the future "Town Center District."


View north on Beach Boulevard before the Plan.

  • Beach Boulevard and Edinger Avenue were lined by a mostly conventional commercial strip format along their 6.5 miles.
  • Beach Boulevard is a 7 to 9-lane state route (SR 39) with high traffic volumes.
  • Bella Terra Mall, located at the confluence of Beach Boulevard, Edinger Avenue, and I-405, was recently renovated into a lifestyle center.


  • Prepare an urban design concept and Specific Plan to revitalize the corridors.
  • Conduct an extensive community participation process.    


  • The project was initiated in 2006.
  • The City Council adopted the Plan in March 2010.
  • The American Planning Association recognized the Plan with Orange County and State of California awards in 2011.
  • The City has reviewed and/or approved multiple development applications within the Specific Plan area.
  • Following Plan adoption, FTS has been engaged by development applicants to provide design review services to ensure their high quality compliance with the Plan's requirements.

In collaboration with:

Austin Foust Associates, Tierra West Advisors, Linda Congleton LLC, Anderson Illustration