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Pomona - Corridors Specific Plan

Client: City of Pomona

Pomona’s arterial corridor formats were part of its midcentury vision for rapid auto-oriented suburban expansion. Today, they no longer fit with a built-out city pattern and trends in demographics, mobility, lifestyle changes and city advantage.  In tandem with the FTS-prepared Pomona General Plan update, the Specific Plan enables the community to reshape 13 miles of future corridor land use, activity and investment through redefined segmentation, streetscape placemaking, and updated codes.

Rendering of an envisioned "Midtown Boulevard" corridor with added trees, cycle tracks and small to medium scale infill housing.


View of Mission Boulevard, an existing 4 lane “Midtown Boulevard” corridor with a sparse streetscape.

  • Wide street formats made arterial corridors look and feel similar through different neighborhoods.
  • Thinly-spread corridor retail and few anchored centers contributed to citywide sales leakage.
  • The community had been burdened by perceptions of crime and low incomes.
  • A preceding General Plan update concept to increase housing intensities had created concerns.



  • Set up the Specific Plan to implement the community’s General Plan Update framework vision. 
  • Provide education and lead discussion on corridor transformation potentials.
  • Differentiate corridor segments with compatible patterns of retail, housing and other uses, and propose supportive streetscapes.
  • Introduce form-based regulations and EIR coordination as tools to integrate community input and streamline the entitlement process.



  • FTS-led workshops and a Study Session explained how form-based regulations could provide better controls and investment reliability.
  • Corridor housing intensities were moderated.
  • Stronger building design controls and complete streets concepts were included.
  • Concurrent with the FTS-prepared General Plan update, the Specific Plan was adopted in March 2014, on time and on budget.
  • New corridor housing and other infill development projects are underway.

In collaboration with:

The Concord Group, AECOM Inc., Urban Crossroads, Pomona City Staff