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Spokane Valley - Sprague and Appleway Corridors Subarea Plan

Client: City of Spokane Valley Community Development Department

Sprague Avenue is Spokane Valley’s primary retail area.  The corridor serves as a regional destination for “medium box” retail and auto sales.  However, it did not provide the City with the definable downtown district wished for by local residents.  The community had a vision to create a new Downtown City Center along Sprague Avenue and to improve the image of the corridor.  To this end, FTS lead an effort to draft a Sub Area Plan to help guide future development along the corridor and instigate the new City Center.

An illustration of Spokane Valley’s new City Center.


Conditions along Sprague Avenue before the Sub Area Plan project.

5 miles of continuous conventional commercial strip development along Sprague Avenue.

Extremely deep parcels, lacking access and visibility, line Sprague Avenue and constrain development.

Partially constructed Appleway Boulevard runs parallel to a portion of Sprague Avenue.

Extension of Appleway could improve access to deep parcels along Sprague Avenue and increase infill development opportunities.


  • Develop an implementation strategy to realize the City’s vision of a new Downtown City Center.
  • Draft a regulatory document to guide future growth and development along Sprague, Appleway, and in the new City Center


In Progress

  • A workshop process to solicit City staff and community input on a vision for the future corridors and City Center is underway.
  • A public draft of the Sub Area Plan based on the community workshop recommendations is under review.

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