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Fremont - Centerville Civic Plaza

Client: City of Fremont

The Centerville district of Fremont lacked a central civic gathering space. FTS’ design for Bill Ball Plaza features a reproduction of a historic Southern Pacific train shelter as the centerpiece of a wisteria-clad arbor fronting along the tracks. Multi-use paved areas and seating around raised grass planters provide informal seating and relaxation areas.

Bill Ball Plaza seen from its Fremont Boulevard frontage.


The project site prior to construction was a vacant lot and the original site of the historic Centerville train station.

  • The site was a vacant lot used for temporary parking, bounded by train tracks, Fremont Boulevard, the side of a historic bank building, and a train station overflow parking lot.


  • Create a civic plaza design for the half-acre site that complements the restored historic Centerville train station and creates a community gathering space for the Centerville district.



  • The project was initiated in 1999 and constructed in 2002, on time and on budget.
  • The plaza is used for community events and gatherings as well as for everyday waiting for the train and informal relaxation.  It is configured to support a future eastbound ACE train platform.

In collaboration with:

Moran Engineering, Rempel Architects, Sierra Engineering Group, MTH Engineers, Inc., ISC Group, Singer/Fukushima, Kleinfelder