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Lodi - Central City Revitalization Plan

Client: City of Lodi

The Central City Revitalization Plan set the stage for the revitalization of Lodi’s 55-acre “Old Town,” the city’s original commercial area.  FTS’ plan identified opportunities and obstacles to downtown’s success in terms of both design and the market.  The plan provided the City with recommendations for necessary district ordinances and streetscape improvements to rejuvenate the local market and enrich the Old Town character. 

Envisioned downtown streetscape for shopping and restaurant district with proposed gateway at entrance to downtown.


20th Century retail strips and big box developments drained retail and restaurant patronage from downtown.

  • 20th Century retail strips and big box developments elsewhere in the city were draining away Downtown retail and restaurant patronage.
  • The struggling and landlocked downtown was difficult to access and poorly defined.
  • Though it had several historic buildings, downtown lacked place appeal and had few streetscape amenities.


  • Provide a strategy to revitalize Old Town.
  • Assess and recommend changes to district ordinances and district design elements.


Public Workshops and Policy Document Completed, Recommendations Implemented

In collaboration with:

Mundie & Associates, Cella Barr Associates, ISC Group, Inc, Baumbach & Piazza, Sierra Engineering Group