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San Fernando - Maclay, San Fernando, and Truman Corridors Specific Plan

Client: City of San Fernando

The Plan guides the revitalization of three primary arterial corridors that form the commercial and circulatory skeleton of the city. Its policies and public improvements will transform Truman Street, San Fernando Road, and Maclay Avenue into livable and vital places connected to Los Angeles’ Union Station and the wider region by the MTA bus and Metrolink service.

Perspective view by FTS of envisioned corridor with mixed-use development and supportive streetscape.


Major arterial corridors within the fully built-out 1.5 mile square city suffering from deteriorating appearance, disinvestment, and vacancy.

Dearth of housing options for empty nesters, singles, and young parents.

Increasing population diversity with many new households of limited means.

Poor fit between housing demand and supply with respect to quantity, type and cost.


  • Guide corridor transformation by preparing a Specific Plan through a community workshop process
  • Enable the introduction of corridor-oriented and mixed-use residential development to fight disinvestment


  • The Specific Plan was adopted in 2005.
  • The Plan's focus was on transforming the corridors into a sequence of unique districts with attractive, walkable streetscapes.
  • It included building prototypes and architectural guidelines based on local architectural heritage to shape a denser working, housing and retail environment.
  • It established a framework to welcome mixed-use projects matched to the scale of the street.
  • The Plan received the 2005 Award for Planning Implementation, Small Jurisdiction from the Los Angeles Chapter of the American Planning Association.

In collaboration with:

Conley Consulting Group