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Mountain View - Evelyn Avenue Corridor TOD Plan

Client: City of Mountain View

Today’s Evelyn Avenue Corridor is a fully realized transit-oriented district with residential, commercial and mixed-use components as envisioned in FTS’ TOD plan. Each has easy walk access to CalTrain, light rail and buses. The area includes Mountain View’s multimodal transit center and links it to Castro Street, the FTS-designed pedestrian-focused downtown main street spine.

Infill development instigated by the Evelyn Avenue Precise Plan places high-density housing near the train station.


Industrial and service commercial uses separated the downtown core and residential neighborhood from the train station

Disinvested land along the railroad right-of-way featuring a hodge-podge of older industrial and commercial services.

Unappealing edge to downtown residential neighborhood.

No higher density housing or workplace uses within walking distance of transit.


  • Plan the TOD District and prepare master plans for key sites.
  • Prepare design standards for residential and mixed use development and for new streets and blocks.
  • Create redevelopment strategies to enhance land use efficiency and transit ridership.
  • Design the multi-modal station as an integrated district component.


Precise Plan Adopted 1994
  • Capital improvements designed and built, including reconfiguration of streets and construction of the transit center.
  • Mixed-Use and Residential Development completely built out, consistent with Precise Plan, featuring small block structure, integration with surrounding built fabric, and intensification in the transit zone.
  • Recognized by the American Planning Association in the 2002 National Award for Mountain View’s Plan for Integrated Transit-Oriented Development.

In collaboration with:

Korve Engineering