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Pomona - General Plan Update

Client: City of Pomona

As a mature Los Angeles-area suburb, Pomona has experienced profound demographic, economic, and physical transformations in recent decades. FTS assisted the City to update its 1976 General Plan by noting its limited city change areas, re-tuning city assets to engage regional trends, defining a livable and sustainable City structure framework of neighborhoods, districts, and centers, and establishing a clear vision for “Pomona Tomorrow” to guide state-suggested General Plan elements and ensuing planning tools.

“Pomona Tomorrow” - A City Structure diagram that identifies a pattern of Centers, Districts, Corridors, and Neighborhoods.


View of an existing typical North Pomona Center workplace area.

  • The built-out city has extensive neighborhoods, excellent highway and rail access, and planned regional transit expansions.
  • A previous General Plan effort stalled over concerns about higher intensity housing on its network of arterial corridors.
  • Inefficient retail distribution and few anchored centers had “leaked” retail sales to neighboring cities.
  • Pomona’s walkable and historic downtown is slowly revitalizing, recently sparked by the Fox Theater’s rebirth.
  • The community has been burdened by perceptions of crime and low incomes.


  • Update the General Plan with a clear vision for the city's future.
  • Develop strategies to ensure a more prosperous, sustainable and livable future for Pomona.
  • Improve the City’s image and competitiveness in the region by leveraging its assets as opportunities.
  • Ensure that the Plan is adopted with a sound economic basis and an understandable and user-friendly organization. 
  • To address community concerns in detail, use the General Plan set the stage for a concurrent Corridors Specific Plan and form-based code.



  • Previous General Plan work was reorganized and a new framework outlining past and future city evolution was added.
  • Beginning in 2009, the City Council and Planning Commission convened successful joint Study Sessions regarding the General Plan update.
  • The Corridors Specific Plan process used community workshops and a Study Session to explain how form-based regulations could provide stronger controls and investment reliability.
  • The General Plan update and Corridors Specific Plan were adopted in March 2014, on time and on budget, along with a separate Active Transportation Plan and Green Plan (by others).

In collaboration with:

The Concord Group; AECOM Inc.; Urban Crossroads; and City of Pomona Staff