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Portland Metro - 2040 Corridors & Centers Study

Client: Portland Metro

FTS helped Portland Metro and its constituent localities understand the relationship between the region’s centers and corridors, how they complement and compete with each other, and what strategies can stimulate development of the land use and development patterns envisioned in the agency’s 2040 goals.

Land use and development alternative concept, Canyon Road and Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway Corridors, 2005.


  • Land Use and transportation goals expressed by regional agency without identifying strategies for implementation
  • Absence of coordination between State DOT programs and regional agency goals
  • Widespread dissatisfaction with arterial corridors without strategies to instigate change


  • Collaborate with economic analysts to understand relationship between the corridors and centers defined in the region’s 2040 plan
  • Present findings through educational events for the region’s leaders
  • Define and illustrate multiple strategies for stimulating change in different locations


Completed Final Study Report and Final

  • Identified strategies necessary to support transportation and land development goals for the region’s corridors
  • Established guidelines for development and evaluation of corridor land use and transportation alternatives
  • Developed and illustrated strategies to transform corridors from undifferentiated strips to a series of distinct segments, each with a clear grouping of uses and functions
  • Demonstrated how local strategies could take advantage of Oregon Highway Plan policies and ODOT system management programs

In collaboration with:

EcoNorthwest (Prime Consultant)