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Silicon Valley Rapid Transit Corridor Urban Design Recommendations

Client: City of Santa Clara

Access and connectivity between proposed BART stations and their surroundings were addressed by FTS in this project. FTS worked in coordination with VTA staff, the Santa Clara VTA design and engineering consultant team, city staff from the three project area cities, and workshop participants. 

Diagram showing FTS’ recommended connectivity enhancements to proposed Alum Rock BART station area.


Diagram of existing connectivity conditions around proposed Alum Rock BART station site

At eight proposed station sites, some above-ground, some underground, a variety of existing conditions such as industrial parcels, mixed-use areas, and major downtown street corridor.


  • Conduct urban design analysis and recommendations to enhance linkage and connectivity between prospective BART stations and their surrounding neighborhoods  
  • Hold public education and workshop presentations on urban design issues


  • FTS was hired by VTA to collaborate with Earth Tech team in 2001; Working Paper #16 completed 2003
  • Prepared  urban design analysis and concept recommendations for integration of BART station areas with their surrounding neighborhoods in eight proposed locations  

In collaboration with:

Earth Tech