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Fukuoka - Tenjin Meji-Dori Avenue District Urban Design Plan

Client: Taishi Goto, Fukuoka Urban Labratory for the Tenjin Meji-Dori Avenue Development Council

FTS Japan is advising the Tenjin Meiji-dori Avenue Owners’ Association and a team of consultants on the development of a strategic urban design plan.  Its goal is to reposition Fukuoka City’s 17 hectare central business district as one of Asia’s premier settings for innovative and synergistic business activity.  The plan identifies complementary improvements to the streetscape, transportation network, and ground-level building treatments for creation of a more focused and urbane district that fosters creativity and collaboration.  A key is to this is the provision of a wide range of public and private settings for idea exchange and chance encounters, “powered” by a naturally lively street life.  The plan capitalizes on major existing urban density and the presence of the adjacent shopping district to carefully optimize the business district’s role in the city’s center.  These actions are to realign the district with the preferences of the most sought-after companies and knowledge workers, many of whom already work and shop in central Fukuoka City. 

The envisioned integration of street-level shopfronts, streetscape and enhanced spatial enclosure on Meiji-dori.


Street view of Meij-Dori today.

An obsolete but densely developed central business district that is losing regional competitiveness.

No synergies between successful shopping areas and central district street environments; many “dead” sidewalks adjacent to very lively ones.

Intensive use but major conflicts between pedestrians, bicyclists and bike parking on Meiji-dori.


  • Recommend modifications to urban structure, public spaces, and urban design principles.
  • Assist stakeholders to envision possibilities for substantial improvements to the future district.
  • Facilitate Owners’ Association workshops and consultant meetings to identify specific intended outcomes and move decision-making forward.


  • Preliminary Grand Design 2009 (First Phase) has been adopted by the Owners’ Association.
  • FTS Japan is working with the Owners’ Association and a team of consultants on a second phase to refine the action plan.





In collaboration with:

Kei Minohara Planning Office, Nikken Sekkei