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San Leandro - North Area Specific Plan & Revitalization Manual and East 14th Street & MacArthur Boulevard Gateways

Client: City of San Leandro

Within the North Area of San Leandro, disinvestment on four north-south arterials crossing through well-kept neighborhoods had created a perception of decay.  Implementation of recommended policies and capital improvements led to improved corridor appearance, increased renovation and upkeep, and new investment in infill housing and commercial development. 

A recommended landmark gateway (designed by FTB) and new canopy trees shaped a “Grand Boulevard” setting for East 14th Street.


In San Leandro's North Area, East 14th Street had been a barren and treeless commercial strip.

  • The mostly commercial properties along the ¾ mile lengths of San Leandro Blvd., East 14th St.,
    Bancroft Ave., and MacArthur Blvd. in the North Area had become disinvested and weakened the upkeep and value of homes next to corridors.
  • The lack of streetscape on the arterials did little to encourage investment, made walking uncomfortable and provided few clues as to what city or neighborhood the street belonged.


  • Develop revitalization strategies and placemaking improvement concepts.
  • Consult with the community and City Council.
  • Prepare and adopt a Specific Plan with clear policies and well-illustrated design standards and guidelines.


Specific Plan adopted 1991

  • Revitalization strategies included:
    • Focus value and investment activity into defined corridor segments of retail and service clusters, transition segments, and residential enhancement/preservation.
    • Change the corridors’ streetscape look and feel to a “Grand Boulevard” character.
    • Tree planting and gateway landmarks were identified as focused capital improvements along two of the four corridors to create highly visible change and district identity at minimal cost.
  • The East 14th Street & MacArthur Boulevard gateway landmarks and tree plantings were designed by FTB and implemented in 1992. The gateways have helped distinguish district identity and the mature street trees have since dramatically improved the appearance of the corridors.
  • The Specific Plan’s design standards and guidelines shaped new multi-unit and senior infill housing developments to complement the corridors’ “Grand Boulevard” settings.

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