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Tracy - Downtown Plaza

Client: City of Tracy

The Downtown Plaza has been built at the site of downtown's original heart where it meets the "Bowtie" Area, linking historic buildings to the new multimodal Transit Center and in accordance with catalyst project recommendations of the draft Downtown Specific Plan (also prepared by FTS). While the Plaza hosts performances and community gatherings on weekends and holidays, it is mostly an everyday public space for relaxing and cooling off in the shade and interactive fountain, especially during the hot summer months.  With the intersection roundabout and the Plaza's traffic reconfiguration, 6th Street shops are now fronted by curbside angled parking that can be converted to outdoor dining areas.

View of the completed Plaza with bronze pylons and fountain jets for warm weather play (transit center in background)..


View of the site's former parking lot configuration with historic buildings opening onto it (looking east along 6th Street).

  • Upon Tracy’s 1910 incorporation, the future site already lay at the city’s crossroads by the Grand Hotel and facing the train station.
  • 1920’s auto traffic shifted retail north towards 11th Street, the train station eventually closed, and the site became a parking lot.
  • The draft Downtown Specific Plan prepared by FTS laid out revitalization strategies for the Downtown and Bowtie Area, including a new multimodal Transit Center and a public plaza.


  • Create an activity focus and everyday-use plaza at the southern edge of downtown.
  • Shape public space to activate shops in historic buildings and link to the new transit center .
  • Reconfigure traffic with angled parking and a roundabout to support storefront businesses while enhancing circulation.
  • Complement downtown’s historic character while maintaining relevance to the community’s tastes and lifestyles of today.
  • Develop concepts through community workshops while working with a modest budget.



In collaboration with:

CHS Consulting Group, Ron Hodges Landscape Architect, Rempel Architects, Alliance Engineering, City of Tracy