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Tukwila - Heart of the Region TOD

Client: City of Tukwila, Washington

The Tukwila Urban Center Plan and Regulating Code restructures a built-out 1,000 acre commercial area into a social and symbolic regional center. With greater attention to street hierarchy, multi-modal connectivity, and pedestrian networks, the Plan transforms a haphazardly developed urban environment into a series of mixed- use, pedestrian scaled districts.

The Town Center designed by FTB will extend from the regional mall toward the transit center.


The train tracks form the easternmost edge of a mall-anchored study area now characterized by one-story development.

  • Commuter rail facilities entirely cut off from their surroundings
  • Complete absence of pedestrian amenity and walkability
  • 1,000 acres of sprawling, low-intensity, surface-parked development with no housing
  • Development projects turn their backs to the Green River
  • Located in a city that has no downtown


  • Bolster the economic fortunes of the regional shopping center
  • Plan a TOD neighborhood with optimal connectivity to surroundings
  • Identify priority capital improvements
  • Engage stakeholders in the planning process
  • Provide standards for new development


Public Workshop Phase Completed

  • Primary Plan Concepts Approved by City Council
  • Draft Plan submitted for final City Review and Adoption


In collaboration with:

ECONorthwest Economics, Perteet Engineering, Mirai Transportation Planning & Engineering