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Ventura - Victoria Avenue Corridor Plan

Client: City of Ventura

Ventura is planning for the future of its corridors. As part of the General Plan process the community decided that its major arterial streets should be transformed into urban, walkable, mixed use portions of the city. Freedman Tung & Sasaki (FTS) was brought in to accomplish this goal for the Victoria Avenue Corridor. FTS will draft a Plan and provide a form-based development code and capital improvement plans to transform this major arterial into the type of street envisioned and direct new public and private actions to fulfill the community’s vision for the corridor.

The proposed design for Victoria Avenue envisions protected angled parking to complement mixed use buildings.


Looking north along Victoria Avenue from the 101 interchange.

  • Many buildings setback behind parking lots or have their ‘backs turned’ to the corridor.
  • Eight lane thoroughfare offers very little appeal to pedestrians.
  • Large single-use shopping centers and workplace centers are isolated from corridor activity.
  • Civic center in northern segment serves as anchor for workplace district.


Prepare a form-based development code and capital improvements plan to direct new investment towards achieving:

  • a network of walkable streets, blocks, and open spaces
  • an active mixed use frontage along the corridor
  • an increased level of intensity than is typical in adjacent neighborhoods
  • a healthy mix of land uses to ensure comfortable and stable neighborhoods, workplaces, and neighborhood centers



  • The Plan was adopted in April, 2009.

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