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Whittier - Whittier Boulevard Specific Plan

Client: City of Whittier

The Whittier Boulevard Specific Plan instigates the restructuring of one of California’s most ubiquitous street types – the commercial strip. This corridor revitalization plan transforms a seven-mile stretch of undifferentiated commercial highway into five distinct segments – each with an individual identity, a clear market focus, and compatible land uses. The plan proposes a distinct boulevard treatment that is appropriate for the envisioned land uses and building types for each corridor segment.

Perspective view of the pedestrian-oriented streetscape treatment of a shopping cluster along the boulevard.


Whittier Boulevard is the major east-west arterial “spine” of the city.

The corridor was over-zoned for commercial use, stretching the retail market too thinly and resulting in sporadic disinvestments, underutilized buildings and vacant properties.


  • Starting with a public workshop process, FTS developed regulatory tools, recommendations for catalyst projects – including streetscapes and other improvements – and an overall strategy to revitalize the corridor. The plan provides incentives and direction to private investors to reshape Whitter Boulevard according to the community’s vision.



  • Since the Plan's adoption in 2005, the City has received numerous applications for and has approved proposals for new mixed-use development at key sites along the corridor.

In collaboration with:

Comprehensive Planning Services, Keyser Marston Associates, Blodgett Baylosis Associates