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Yuba City - Central City Specific Plan & Revitalization Strategy

Client: City of Yuba City

This Specific Plan for 295 acres near the Feather River has dramatically revitalized an underutilized area dominated by declining industrial uses into a new central city "workplace district" anchored by a new central boulevard and town square, as well as the city's small downtown centered on its classic main street, Plumas Street. The Plan has shaped all new development through innovative "form-based" design standards and coordinated infrastructure improvements. The success of the new workplace district has catalyzed significant revitalization of the downtown and helped knit together adjoining neighborhoods.

The Town Square (design and construction document by FTS), forms an attractive setting for new private investment.


  • An underutilized 320-acre vacant site adjacent to the Feather River, small downtown and existing residential neighborhoods.
  • Minimal investment in new workplace development; low levels of job-creation.
  • Lack of a gathering place and “heart” of the city.
  • An intact but underperforming main-street focused downtown.


  • Restructure a vacant industrial area into a new workplace district that is well integrated into the city core and surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Put in place the necessary land-use policies, architectural guidelines and capital improvements to kick-start new investment.
  • Create recommendations for circulation, infrastructure, financing and phasing of future investment.



  • The Plan was adopted in 1992 and amended in 1997 and 2009 with assistance from FTS.
  • The Plan's recommended catalyst improvements have completely transformed disinvested industrial land into a vibrant medical workplace district centered on a workplace boulevard and a new town square and fountain.  It has also stimulated downtown revitalization.
  • Unlike isolated "business park" settings, the boulevard and town square designed by FTS are much-used community places for strolling and gathering.
  • The city has implemented the plan on a project-by-project basis.
  • Downtown's revitalization has been aided by the 2008 completion of a transformative main street streetscape also designed by FTS.

In collaboration with:

Korve Engineering, Nolte & Associates, Mundie & Associates