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Cloverdale - Station / Downtown Area Plan

Client: City of Cloverdale

Cloverdale is planning for the start of SMART commuter rail service connecting south to Larkspur and the Sonoma and Marin County cities between. The Station/Downtown Area Plan process (funded by an MTC grant) uses a Smart Growth approach to craft policy changes and public realm improvements to set the stage for transit-oriented development and downtown revitalization.

The Plan’s District Strategy uses the presence of larger opportunity land parcel sites to establish a “T.O.D. Core.”


The 1996 train depot has no surrounding housing or workplaces; connecting streets poorly support walkability.

  • SMART train corridor engineering has begun with service scheduled to start in 2014.
  • The Station Area and Downtown were identified in 2007 by ABAG/MTC as a Priority Development Area (PDA).
  • Though sidewalks and bike lanes connect Downtown for a ½ mile to the 1996 station, freeway access ramps, highway and train track overpasses, and a barren streetscape discourage walking and biking.
  • Downtown suffers from retail vacancies and little housing is located near the station.


  • Through a community workshop process, use the Plan to position Cloverdale for transit-oriented development to maximize ridership and strengthen Downtown while preserving its small town character.
  • Develop streetscape improvements to reduce the barriers to walking and biking between Downtown and the train station.



  • The project began in May 2009.
  • 3 workshops resulted in a consensus on planning and design approaches.
  • Street improvement concepts were reviewed with Caltrans.
  • The Plan was adopted in July 2010.
  • The City is continuing to coordinate with Caltrans on planning street improvements.

In collaboration with:

Mundie & Associates (economics), Nelson\Nygaard Consulting Associates (transportation).