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Bangkok and Prathumtani - Thammasat University Station District Master Plan

Client: The Office of Transport Policy and Planning, Thai Ministry of Transport

To kick-start investment in transit-oriented development instead of customary suburban sprawl, the master plan for Thammasat University Station District employs standard Thai building types and architectural features appropriate to the region’s hot, wet climate – showcasing the familiarity and appeal of walkable, compact, and complete neighborhoods.  The urban design strategy leverages the new transit service and the station’s proximity to universities and other centers of innovation-related employment, in order to attract investment in a lively new sub-urban center that provides settings for interaction and idea exchange.  The transportation planning strategy is to instigate the development of a satellite town at the terminus of the commuter rail line and foster bi-directional transit usage.

The mixed use district centers around the train station and Main Street extending east from the station towards the University.


View of the existing canal-side Rangsit train station and surrounding area.


Plan the station, its frontage, and surrounding property for the planned terminus station of Bangkok’s first new commuter rail service - the Red Line Transit Corridor.


The master plan concept was completed and submitted in 2009.

In collaboration with:

Thammasat University Project Team under the leadership of Dr. Pawinee Iamtrakul and Chotichinda Mouchel Consultants Limited.