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BART Initiative 9212 Report

Client: City of Livermore

In response to a citizen initiative supporting an I-580 BART extension alignment, the Livermore City Council requested the preparation of a “9212” Report in June 2011 to evaluate potential impacts of an Isabel Avenue/I-580 Station with later extension to a Greenville Road/I-580 Station. The report included requirements for funding, land use, economic feasibility, fiscal impact, cost evaluation, parking/traffic, and transit planning considerations. City Staff and an FTS-led team prepared the report for use by the City Council in its July 2011 decision to adopt the initiative.

View of conceptual BART Station Area at Isabel Avenue/I-580 showing how resulting transit-oriented development might look.


The Isabel/580 and Greenville/580 BART Station Areas along I-580 in city-wide context.

  • A variety of physical and policy constraints limited development potential around the Isabel/580 and Greenville/580 BART Station areas along the I-580 Alignment.


  • Prepare an analysis report per California Elections Code Section 9212 within 30 days after certification of the petition and City Council request of the report.
  • Work with City Staff to coordinate a multidisciplinary consultant team to analyze impacts.
  • Develop additional visualizations showing potential transit-oriented development around alternative alignment station sites.
  • Summarize benefits and concerns for Station Areas.


  • For the I-580 alignment to respond to Federal transit-oriented housing requirements, the report found that significant airport and scenic corridor constraints at the Isabel station area would require shifting relatively high residential densities to a future south Greenville station area.
  • The City Council adopted the Keep BART on 580 initiative on a 3-2 vote.
  • The report was prepared on time and within budget.

In collaboration with:

The Concord Group, Seifel Consulting Inc., Nelson\Nygaard Consulting Associates, Anderson Illustration