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Bangkok - Ratchaprasong City Place

Client: Crown Properties

For years, a portion of a long-vacant site in the heart of central Bangkok owned by Crown Properties faced onto traffic-choked Ratchadamri Road across from the giant Central World mall, while the site's larger portion fronted the neglected Klong Sanseab, one of the city’s few remaining canals.  In 2011, Crown Properties held a competition to solicit a new development vision for it.  Unlike most approaches that sought to “max out” the parcel’s commercial development, FTS led a team that introduced a public-realm focused lifestyle center scheme to activate its canal and boulevard edges and a dense network of pedestrianized streets and plazas.

Infill “lifestyle center” master plan concept with canal promenade, active streets and shops, and upper level homes and offices.


The Crown Properties parcel is surrounded by dense development but is poorly accessible due to heavy Ratchadamri Road traffic.

The site was invisible and poorly accessible inside of adjacent existing buildings and parcels.
The canal edge had little public access and was treated as a utilitarian back side.
7-lane Ratchadamri Road and its surrounding “superblock” pattern created pedestrian barriers.
The site is flanked by popular destinations such as Central World mall, Platinum Fashion Mall, Hotel Novotel, Palladium Square, and Big C.


  • Develop an exciting infill master plan concept to help inspire district revitalization.
  • Achieve public benefits while attracting investment and ensuring financial viability.
  • Merge public spaces and mixed uses to create compelling 21st Century central city living possibilities.


  • The design created an appealing network of streets, passages and plazas with special emphasis on the public waterfront edge.
  • Streets reintroduced east-west circulation.
  • Retail and entertainment uses activate the ground with homes and offices above.
  • The FTS team’s concept was selected as the winning design of the competition in May 2011.

In collaboration with:

Department of Architecture Co, Ltd; DSB Associates Co, Ltd; BioArchiteck Co, Ltd; Vargas Greenan Architecture Civic Design