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Oakland - I-880 / Broadway-Jackson Interchange Concepts

Client: WMH Corporation and Alameda County Transportation Improvement Authority (ACTIA)

I-880 freeway ramps onto downtown Oakland streets also link to tunnels to Alameda, but earlier reconfiguration proposals drew objections from adjacent Chinatown.  FTS assisted engineering prime consultant WMH Corporation with community workshops and streetscape concepts along and below I-880 to show possibilities for buffering, walkability, and placemaking benefits – introducing new revitalization thinking and setting the stage for later environmental review work

A “complete streets” revisioning of 6th Street next to I-880 with multiway streetscape of trees, buffering, and walkability.


Map of the project area showing I-880 Broadway off-ramp and linkage to Alameda, with impacts on Chinatown and Jack London Square

• Downtown’s I-880--edge buildings and streets have long been both value-impacted and freeway-visible – holding back investment and weakening the city’s image (especially as seen from the northbound Broadway off-ramp).
• Under I-880, existing parking lots, trash, noise, and poor lighting make it feel sketchy and reinforce its neighborhood barrier effect.
• These conditions as well as fast arterial traffic on 7th Street have kept Chinatown life from growing and flourishing southward toward I-880.
• Previous ramp concepts did little to change the character of traffic-dominated arterial streets.


  • Develop urban design and “complete streets” treatments to buffer the effects of heavy traffic, introduce pedestrian-friendly and placemaking concepts, and create incentives for revitalization.
  • Provide educational presentations of visioning and concepts to diverse stakeholders.


FTS Project Phase work completed in 2011

  • The project work introduced concepts for city gateways, 6th Street buffering of Chinatown from traffic, new greenery, better property access, and more walkability and bikeability.
  • Concepts were presented in workshops to Chinatown community members, businesses, and municipal officials.

In collaboration with:

City of Alameda, City of Oakland, and CHS Consulting