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Sunnyvale - Peery Park Specific Plan and EIR

Client: City of Sunnyvale

Peery Park’s industrial-park format has not changed appreciably since the 1960's. The City seeks to evolve its now-obsolete pattern into a high value, sustainable workplace district and knowledge center that leverages its heart of the Silicon Valley location. The Specific Plan and EIR create a new comprehensive vision, strategies, and regulations to enable the range of contemporary office, R&D, industrial, and other supporting development and ensure that the district will provide the 21st Century infrastructure and knowledge services that drive innovation.

A preliminary strategy diagram shows actions to support innovation, improve mobility, and attract workers and investment.


A view of a Peery Park interior street without sidewalks and typical 40-50 year old building fabric.

• The 400+ acre district is one of the few remaining growth areas in the city.
• Major employers in the district include Apple, LinkedIn and Hewlett Packard as well as a cluster of tech manufacturing firms.
• It is characterized by a mix of old and newer development with an insular “look,” limited connectivity, and few amenities.
• It is an area of intense development interest amidst mature neighborhoods, downtown, freeways, and a Caltrain station.


• Explain Peery Park’s past and present and how to position it advantageously to become a cutting edge workplace district in Silicon Valley.
• Analyze district potentials for development change and craft regulations, placemaking and city actions to support the vision.
• Integrate the EIR early and ensure that the Plan will be highly adoptable and effective in encouraging investment, strengthening place value, and protecting community character and sustainability.


• The project is currently in-process with community workshops under way.

In collaboration with:

The Concord Group, Seifel Consulting Inc, Hexagon Transportation Consultants, Inc. AMEC Foster Wheeler