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Fountain Valley - Euclid/I-405 District Specific Plan and EIR

Client: City of Fountain Valley

This 165 acre district is made up of low-rise, low-density industrial, office and commercial uses.  As Fountain Valley is built out and has no downtown, its residents have expressed desires for a “place to go,” more dining and retail choices, and better walkability and circulation.  Meanwhile, district workplaces are shifting from manufacturing and warehouse to more flex/R&D/creative office uses whose tenants increasingly prefer amenities and activity.  To better position the City for these trends and achieve longstanding economic goals, the Specific Plan and EIR will provide strategies, policy implementation, financing, and phasing measures for its evolution into a vibrant mixed-use activity center.

An illustrative diagram of the scale and pattern of existing district streets, blocks and building development.


• The city’s strong demographics and accessible central Orange County location provide a sound market basis.
• Retail leakage to nearby competing clusters is both a weakness and an opportunity.
• The existing “superblock” development pattern and significant physical barriers are challenges to connectivity and place identity.
• Fragmented ownerships and an unclear overall vision have weakened investment in the district.


• Develop a vision for change while engaging tenants and owners accustomed to the status quo.
• Analyze potentials for development change and structure regulations, placemaking and city actions to support the vision.
• Integrate the EIR early to make the Plan highly adoptable and effective in encouraging investment, strengthening place value, and protecting character and sustainability.


• Concept development and community workshops are presently under way.

In collaboration with:

Strategic Economics, Fehr & Peers, AMEC Foster Wheeler