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Yuba City - Plumas Street Improvements

Client: City of Yuba City

Plumas Street’s streetscape reconfiguration was a key downtown revitalization strategy of the Central City Specific Plan.  It creates a new framework for success of Yuba City’s pedestrian-oriented downtown core.

AFTER: The improvements have created abundant shade, slowed down traffic, and profoundly changed the street's “look and feel.”


BEFORE: Plumas Street’s narrow sidewalks, absence of shade and bleak look had no pedestrian-oriented visitor appeal.

  • Yuba City’s historic main street-centered downtown had been out-competed for decades by commercial strips and shopping centers accompanying the city's postwar suburban growth.
  • Plumas Street’s bland and auto-dominated look lacked the amenities to make the customer experience enjoyable, differentiate downtown from other retail places in the city, and make it a compelling part of the community’s identity.


  • Implement the Central City Specific Plan’s Main Street-focused recommendations for the downtown core (previously prepared by FTS).
  • Support downtown’s growing revitalization by reconfiguring Plumas Street to encourage strolling and lingering between businesses and create a “park once” environment to have businesses to share customers.
  • Improve the image of Plumas Street to market Downtown, the adjacent Town Square Workplace District, and the community as a whole.
  • Conduct the project through a community workshop process to build ownership and support.


Construction of Plumas Street improvements was completed in 2008, on time and on budget.

In collaboration with:

Carlile Macy, SFE Landscape Architects, KDA Architects, Zeiger Engineers, CHS Transportation Consultants