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Yuba City - Town Square & Plumas Boulevard

Client: City of Yuba City

For Yuba City’s in-town workplace district to be successful, it had to create value and livability for both employers and nearby residents.  The new Town Square and Plumas Boulevard were public realm solutions and catalysts to help achieve this.

The Town Square is a popular setting for community festivals as well as an everyday green space for workers and residents.


A abandoned rail right-of-way within the former cannery site became the alignment for the new workplace boulevard.

  • Before 1995, a 295 acre former cannery and steel mill site sat vacant and idle next to downtown.
  • The City needed the site to attract employers with non-polluting, well-paying jobs.
  • The downtown had no community gathering space and the site was mostly surrounded by residential neighborhoods.
  • Conventional workplace district development typically created inward-directed and privatized “office parks” that excluded outsiders.


  • Create a workplace district that leverages the value of its downtown proximity, becomes a desirable destination and address for high-value workplaces, and is a welcoming place for adjacent neighborhoods and the public.
  • Implement the FTS-prepared Central City Specific Plan’s recommendation to build a new Town Square park and a Grand Boulevard spine for the workplace district.
  • Conduct the project through a community workshop process to build ownership and support.


 Town Square and Plumas Boulevard were designed by FTB and constructed in 1996.

  • By creating desirable addresses, Plumas Boulevard and Town Square helped to attract building developers and medical services businesses with many high-paying jobs to the district.
  • Town Square and its civic fountain serve as Yuba City’s “public living room” by hosting the city's weekly Farmers Market, seasonal gatherings and civic events.
  • Both the Square and the Boulevard provide a shady and green place for jogging, everyday strolling and family enjoyment.

In collaboration with:

Sierra Engineering Group, Dura Art Stone, ISC, Samson Hydrotechnical Engineering.