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Lodi - School Street & Cherokee Lane Improvements

Client: City of Lodi

In 1996, School Street in Downtown Lodi and Cherokee Lane at the Highway 99 bypass neither perfomed well to support businesses nor did they contribute to place identity.  FTS provide both the revitalization strategy and the streetscape and gateway improvements that laid the basis for revitalization and beautification of both places that continues today.

The Downtown Gateway Arch provides a dramatic entrance to the district.


School Street prior to the streetscape was wide, sun-baked, and not pedestrian-friendly.

  • School Street was the main street of a lackluster downtown, located well away from freeway access.
  • School Street’s primary entrance on the Lodi Avenue strip was invisible, wedged in between a fast-food pizzeria and a chain restaurant.
  • Cherokee Lane was configured as a 2.5 mile long placeless commercial strip (Highway 99 bypass).


  • Provide streetscape enhancements to School Street to support the revitalization of downtown.
  • Create a landmark downtown entry gateway and custom furnishings inspired by Downtown’s traditional civic architecture.
  • Beautify an arterial corridor (Cherokee Lane).



  • The FTB-designed School Street streetscape, the Downtown Gateway Arch, and Cherokee Lane improvements were completed in 1997.
  • Downtown Lodi today has an old town feel and hosts lively restaurants, shops, and wine bars on School Street, day and night.
  • The Lodi Downtown Gateway arch creates a landmark southern entrance to School Street with historic and viniculture themes.
  • Cherokee Lane has a traditional Central Valley aesthetic with a Valley Oak-lined median and decorative boulevard streetlights.

In collaboration with:

Cella Barr Associates, ISC Group, Inc., Baumbach & Piazza, Sierra Engineering Group